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The Internet has changed fundraising – for the better.

More donations and lower costs are a great combination and that is why so many non-profit organizations want to learn how to do online fundraising for free.

Any organization or individual who wants to raise money for a cause needs to know a few simple online strategies that are fast and easy to set up and deploy.

Until now it has been a very expensive proposition to be able to take advantage of what the Web has to offer. Large software companies charge considerable fees to create the functionality needed to raise funds online. These funds eat into a significant percentage of the money that gets raised.

Thankfully there are some new ways to take advantage of everything that a free online fundraising website has to offer.

We at MyEvent.com have put together this report to illustrate how using the Internet in specific ways can help you raise more money whether you have an existing website or not.

When MyEvent.com started out in business in 2002, fundraising websites were selling for many thousands of dollars. We enabled regular, non-technical people to make their own fundraising websites free!

Now we are making it possible for small and medium-sized non-profit organizations to increase their online fundraising tenfold.

Some of the great things we discuss in this report are:

Personal Fundraising Pages
Every event registrant gets their own fundraising web page where they can upload content and accept donations with a credit card.

Online Auction
An auction that you can run on your fundraising website before or after the event. You can accept bids and payments right on your site.

Sponsors Page
A quick and easy method to accept artwork and payments by credit card through your fundraising website from advertisers and sponsors.

Online Donations and Ticket Sales
Accept payment by credit card for donations and tickets to fundraising events right on your fundraising website.

Communications Hub
Make your website the center of all your planning and communications. Organize all of your information using your fundraising website.

Surpass Your Goals
Surpass Your Goals



Raise Money Like the Big Guys Do

  • Establish an Online Presence
    Make a fundraising website in minutes and deploy money raising ideas that will multiply your fundraising.

  • Plan Fundraising Events Online
    Every event needs a fundraising website. There are tons of great features on a fundraising website that will save you time and money.

  • Create a Communications Hub Online
    Use all of the communications tools available to you to keep everyone informed of your online fundraising activities.

Top 5 Ways to Raise Money Online

  1. Accept Donations Online
    Accept donations online by credit card without a merchant account.

  2. Sell Event Tickets Online
    Sell tickets online to an event by credit card without a merchant account.

  3. Set Up Personal Fundraising Pages
    Get all of your event participants raising money with their own personal fundraising page that accepts donations.

  4. Hold Online Auctions
    Run an online auction throughout the year. Integrated auction software lets people bid and pay online.

  5. Create a Sponsors Page
    Save time and money by collecting sponsor's logos, information and payments.

  6. Conclusion


Earn More Money for Your Cause
Earn More Money for Your Cause


What do we really mean when we use the term online fundraising?

We are talking about specific services that can be offered through your organization’s fundraising website or event website that will enable you to collect more money from donors than ever before.

This report explores the benefits of using a fundraising website to plan fundraising events and describes the value of personal fundraising pages (every fundraiser gets their own page where they can accept donations online), running an online auction, collecting money online for a Sponsors Page, selling tickets online and accepting donations online.

You need a website to do any of these things, so having a fundraising website is a prerequisite. If you already have a fundraising website, chances are you will have a tough time getting your current website provider to supply you with all of these customized online software applications, not to mention doing so at an affordable price.

So, even if you have a fundraising website for your organization you can benefit from this report and learn how to use online tools to plan better events and raise more money. You will also learn strategies to increase revenue from donors even if you are not planning a fundraising event.
A Design for Any Cause
A Design for Any Cause
If you do not have a fundraising website for your organization, you can quickly and easily create one on fundraising.myevent.com. There is a 7-day free trial available and our fundraising website builder is specifically designed for people who have NO TECHNICAL skills. We also have an extremely helpful support staff that is available to help you 7 days a week.

Should you need some extra handholding, or if you prefer that we create your website for you, we have that service available as well. Call our toll-free number anytime for any questions you have on how we can help you with fundraising ideas and increased fundraising online 877-769-3836.

Keep reading the rest of this report to see the many ways you can raise more money than you ever imagined possible!


2. Plan Fundraising Events Online

One of the best ways to raise money is by planning a fundraiser event. It can be a gala, a race, a golf tournament, a bowl-a-thon, or any kind of event where the main goal is to provide some kind of entertainment or value in return for a donation. Using a fundraising website to plan an event will help you save time and money as well as increase revenue for your cause.

Even if you’re happy with your organization’s website, it may not be easily update-able for a specific fundraising event. Developing a dedicated event website is your solution to promoting and managing your fundraiser events in the most efficient way possible.

MyEvent.com fundraising websites have special applications that will enable you to manage guest lists, allow event guests to register online, send & track invitations, and make planning your fundraising event a breeze. With so many fundraising ideas at your fingertips, you'll enjoy great success for your non-profit or charity.
Enjoy Dozens of Helpful Features
Enjoy Dozens of Helpful Features

You will also have easy-to-use tools that will allow you to sell event tickets, accept online donations, run an online auction, and collect sponsors’ ads and payments, all from your fundraising event website.

You can even provide each participant in the event their own personal fundraising page where they can explain their attachment to the cause with text, video and pictures and collect donations by credit card from friends and family (see Personal Fundraising Pages).

Uploading photos and videos will build a connection to the cause and explain to donors where their money is going.

Your guests can RSVP with a single click, saving you time and eliminating costly stationery and stamps. You will also be able to sell tickets online for your fundraising event without a merchant account (see Selling Tickets Online).

Your fundraising website will allow you to easily collect, maintain and update contact information for each of your guests.
Plan Fundraising Events Online
Plan Fundraising Events Online
Your fundraiser event website will become a communications hub for your event participants and will foster a community atmosphere. You can include message boards or a blog to enable interactivity among your guests and your planning committee.

You can tweet from your Control Panel and populate your Facebook wall with all of the event details. You can take it one step further and encourage your guests to promote your fundraising event to their social networks with MyEvent.com’s built-in social media tools. With the increasing popularity of social networking, you won’t believe how far-reaching news of your event can go!

A MyEvent.com fundraising website will satisfy all of these needs without the financial and logistical overhead of re-working your organization’s main site. Try it for free today, and give us a call if you would like some one-on-one coaching. We are here to help make your event a success, and help you raise more money with great fundraising ideas.



3. Create a Communications Hub

You can use the blog, message board, broadcast email, and social networking tools to inform guests about fundraising event information or news on the organization. You can tweet right from your Control Panel and update your Facebook page to remain top of mind with your non-profit's supporters. It is the ultimate way to disseminate and collect information.

Here are a few tips on how to lower administrative costs.


  1. Send broadcast emails to your contacts list instead of expensive snail mail (regular mail that is sent through the post office). It is a great idea because it saves money in postage fees (in some cases this can amount to thousands of dollars per year), it is environmentally-friendly, and it is easy to do right from your Control Panel.

  2. Harness the power of social media by tweeting about the fundraiser to your Twitter followers, or sending a shout-out to your Facebook friends in an instant all directly from your fundraising event website.

  3. Use pre-made forms to create surveys and collect registration for anything related to the event. Online forms will save you substantial time, money and frustration compared to sending out snail mail then having to chase everyone to collect their responses.

  4. Make your fundraising website a communications hub where all guests and visitors go to get information and updates on the event. The built-in tools will make disseminating and collecting information a cinch, and will take all of your worries out of collecting payments.
All the Event Details with the Click of a Mouse
All the Event Details with the Click of a Mouse


4. Accept Donations

Accepting donations online is now easier than ever before. You do not need a merchant account or any special technical skills to be able to give donors a way to donate money online with a credit card.

Did you know many studies have shown that donations increase by 30% or more when people have the option to make their donation online? Not surprising since we have become a society used to paying with credit cards. Paying by check is time-consuming and many people just won’t do it. Online donations also significantly reduce administrative costs.

Every MyEvent.com fundraising website comes with the ability to accept donations by credit card right from the event website.
Simple to Use for You and Your Guests
Simple to Use for You and Your Guests
You can highlight your Donations Page with a compelling description of your goals and a persuasive appeal for contributions. You can enhance this page with features like the built-in dynamic graphic thermometer and displaying comments from donors.

You will be able to monitor incoming revenue and payout transaction requests in real-time and download reports at your convenience.

Offering donors the option of giving money by credit card is a sign of a professional organization. Moreover it will increase donations by allowing people who could not attend the event to contribute, as well as from people who simply appreciate the convenience of online giving. Toss in lower administration costs and it’s easy to see why so many organizations are doing it.


5. Sell Event Tickets Online

One of the hardest parts about planning an event in the pre-Internet era was having to run after people to get their payment for tickets to the fundraiser event. Online credit card processing has made it possible for organizations to accept payment for tickets by credit card - and now it can be done without a merchant account right on your fundraising event website!

Selling tickets online will increase the attendance at your fundraising event and save you time and money. Guests can purchase multiple tickets in one transaction and you can track ticket sales in real-time. All data is viewable in reports and can be downloaded to a spreadsheet or Word document.
Secure and Convenient Online Ticket Sales
Secure and Convenient Online Ticket Sales
Patrons stay on your fundraising website throughout the entire donation process and they are supported by our staff 7 days a week should someone ever have a question about their online ticket purchase.

You choose the frequency and desired method of payments from MyEvent.com to your specified account. We pay you immediately upon request by direct deposit, check or wire transfer. Funds are issued in either US or Canadian dollars.

Track and Manage Payments in Real-Time
Track and Manage Payments in Real-Time
All transactions are secured by the strictest industry standards using 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption.

MyEvent.com is PCI certified, our privacy policy is TRUSTe certified and we are a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, never having had a single complaint in 9 years of e-commerce.

Every MyEvent.com fundraising website comes with an ironclad, 30-day money-back guarantee. You do not need a credit card to start a 7-day free trial. Our free trial allows you to see if the website is right for your needs.

Selling tickets online for any fundraising event is a no-brainer. There are lower administration costs, higher revenue and better attendance. It is another great service that you get bundled with the MyEvent.com suite of e-commerce tools.
Personal Fundraising Pages
Personal Fundraising Pages

6. Set Up Personal Fundraising Pages

Now you can recruit a team of supporters to help you earn more money for your non-profit or charity's cause. Each individual will get their own Personal Fundraising Webpage where they can begin soliciting funds from people in their circle of family and friends. These satellite pages have the same look and feel as your main fundraising site.

Fundraisers can upload text, photos and video to describe their attachment to the cause. All the personal fundraising pages come with a thermometer - which is a fun way to gauge success along the way - and a place where donors can leave comments.

It has been proven that organizations raise more money when they empower individual fundraisers with their own dedicated fundraising web pages. Those people will reach out to their friends and families with compelling text, images and video explaining their connection to the cause.

This method of personal fundraising has demonstrated incredible results when used by large-scale charities. These organizations pay significant fees to have software providers develop this type of application.
Harness the Reach of Your Fundraising Network  with Personal Fundraising Pages
Harness the Reach of Your Fundraising Network with Personal Fundraising Pages

MyEvent.com is now bringing this functionality to small and medium-sized non-profit organizations at an extremely affordable price. The investment in a MyEvent.com fundraising website subscription will give you a significant ROI that will make you a hero within your organization!

Call us today at our toll-free number 1-877-769-3836 to learn more about how we can help you raise more money than ever before whether you are planning a fundraiser event or not. You can start a free trial yourself by going to fundraising.myevent.com, or you can speak with one of our consultants about great fundraising ideas and have us set up your fundraising website for you.

7. Hold Online Auctions

Auctions have become a popular way of creating a fun activity with very profitable returns for many philanthropic organizations.

The typical "silent auction" is held at the fundraising event. Each item is displayed on a table with a piece of paper in front of it. People bid on items by writing their name and bid amount on the piece of paper. At the end of the event, the last person on each item’s list is the winning bidder. Many of the items are donated so it is a good way to raise money.

Unfortunately many people are too busy socializing during the event and never make it to the silent auction table altogether! They miss out on seeing what items are up for auction and of course they miss out on the chance to bid on items and possibly win.

Having an online auction is a great way to counter this and multiply the benefits of holding a silent auction at the fundraising event. Here’s why:

More Time: Showing the items up for bid in advance of your fundraising event ensures that everyone knows about it and has had a chance to familiarize themselves with the auction items.

More Money: You can start collecting bids prior to the fundraising event, thanks to our specialized auction software which is part of the MyEvent.com suite of fundraising tools. Giving people more time to bid will increase the overall price that you will get for an item that has been donated.

Much More Money: Imagine being able to hold the online auction throughout the year! You can broadcast email all your supporters on a monthly basis encouraging them to see what new items are available. You can send word to your social networks directly from the online auction webpage as soon as a new auction item is donated, or if you want to update everyone on all the bidding action going on!

More Items to Donate: The online auction has a great feature that allows your supporters to donate items by pledging them right through the fundraising website.

More Convenient: All items can be paid for online with a credit card through your fundraising website. Compare that with having to chase people for checks or trying to get their credit card number over the phone then having to follow-up when inevitably, their card does not go through…save yourself the hassle!

More Sales: You can also offer products and services at a “Buy It Now” price. Many vendors (restaurants, memorabilia companies) will give large discounts to the organization and allow you to auction the items for a much higher price than you pay.

More Exposure for Donated Items: Product donors will appreciate the benefit of the added exposure their items receive from appearing online. They will also enjoy the convenience of being able to submit their donated goods or services directly through your fundraising website.

Whether Online, Offline or Both
Whether Online, Offline or Both
The entire system is automated, so sit back and watch the action as the bids come in. You will receive optional email notifications every time a bid is posted.

The online auction has so many benefits that it is something you can do even if you are not planning a fundraising event. It is also easily managed by one person who does not need to possess any technical or web-related skills whatsoever.

Tip: A great way to acquire items for the online auction is to reach out to the planning committee and supporters and ask them to leverage their relationships with the suppliers and businesses that they patronize. Better yet, you can create a webpage on your site called “Ways You Can Help” that mentions the idea and encourages visitors to spread the word about it by sharing it with their social networks.

MyEvent.com websites have embedded functionality that allows anyone visiting your site to share any of the webpages with their social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Very popular auction items are restaurant vouchers, travel packages, sports memorabilia, jewelry, spa packages, and retail gift certificates to name a few.


8. Create a Sponsors Page

One of the oldest and time-honored ways of raising money at a fundraiser is through a Sponsors Page. Traditionally known as an "ad book", it is typically a printed magazine that varies in size, and is given out at the fundraising event. It contains ads and messages from well-wishers and supporters.

Advertisers pay for ad space in the magazine, and the organization can pocket the difference between the cost of publishing the ad book and the money they raise.

One of the things that ends up costing a considerable amount of time and money is collecting the ads for the ad book. Money is spent on stamps and letters that are sent to potential advertisers. It takes a lot of time to follow up with sponsors and collect their payment information and artwork which ends up using administrative resources.

The Sponsors Page is a built-in feature with MyEvent.com website subscriptions. It is the best way to collect money, information, and artwork from supporters and advertisers, with as little cost and effort as possible.

All you do is broadcast email your list of supporters (saving hundreds, often thousands on postage alone) requesting that they visit your fundraising event website and go to the Sponsors Page.

After viewing the different advertising packages that you decide to offer and display on the Sponsors Page, they will make their selection, upload their artwork or ad and then proceed to the checkout page to pay for the ad – all in one shot, with no administrative costs!

Another huge benefit is that you can give advertisers even more exposure by putting the ads from the ad book on your fundraising website.
A Sponsors Page is a Popular and  Profitable Fundraising Tool
A Sponsors Page is a Popular and Profitable Fundraising Tool

The Sponsors Page alone can save you thousands of dollars if you publish an ad book.

Even if you do not intend to create an ad book, the Sponsors Page is an efficient and convenient way to collect money and artwork from your fundraising event sponsors.


9. Conclusion

We hope that we have given you some insight into the various ways you can use the Internet to bring your fundraising to a new level.

You will not find another suite of fundraising tools bundled together at such an affordable price anywhere.
Your One Stop for all of Your Online Fundraising Needs
Your One Stop for all of Your Online Fundraising Needs
We are experts in website development and fundraising applications and it is our mission to bring online fundraising to the small and medium-sized non-profit organizations that do not have the budgets of their larger counterparts.

Through the benefit of technology, we have been able to bring down the costs of online applications so that they are accessible to all, be it an individual or an organization.

We are continually developing new features to add more value by lowering costs and increasing revenue. We have brought down the cost of personal fundraising pages so that every non-profit can take advantage of this proven formula of social fundraising.
We are committed to helping you raise more money than you ever thought possible with a customized fundraising website. With our powerful suite of fundraising tools at your fingertips, the big guys have nothing on you! Well, except for maybe a whole lot of overhead.

Come visit us at fundraising.myevent.com and give online fundraising a whirl! You’re never alone with our dedicated and knowledgeable support staff available 7 days a week to help you explore fundraising ideas and profit-making solutions.

Best School Fundraiser
Best School Fundraiser
School fundraisers are necessary to help meet the rising costs of giving our kids a good education and allowing them to participate in extra curricular activities. Government agencies are trying to encourage schools to do healthy fundraisers so we don't give children mixed messages about eating healthy. The best healthy fundraiser you can do is a fun run. Check out MyFunRun.com, the fun run in a box that has everything you need to have a fun run including an online fundraising platform and all the materials. Watch this 60 second video to learn more